Beijing AVEA International Education provides services to vocational schools, vocational colleges and universities nation-wide, aiming to promote the internationalisation process of Chinese education industry, by providing internationally accepted high-quality educational resources and integrated educational programs.

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teachers PRofessional development

These series of programs have been designed for the professional development of vocational teachers, counsellors and leaders, providing comprehensive and updated knowledge and practical skills required for working in vocational education industry in a variety of job roles.

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Joint Education Program is an important form of education service in China, and plays an irreplaceable role in China’s education globalization. In recent years it has now entered a period of rapid development and achieved fruitful results. AVEA Beijing helps to support Chinese vocational schools, establishing comprehensive strategic partnership and cooperation in all fields and at all levels.



The course structures and curriculum are crucial to the teaching quality and outcomes. Our professional and experienced experts team could help the institutes to review and assess their current courses and provide advice or help them to renew or improve the course system and curriculum.

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Drawing on the philosophy, training and assessment standards of TAFE vocational education mode, this project is aiming to explore internationally recognised vocational education system which is industry-led, student-centred, competency-based and outcome-focused, and facilitate the international development of vocational colleges.

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